Using Technology

Using All the Modern Tools Available to Us to Help Every Stduent in Our Classrooms

We know that in each classroom, students learn at many different speeds, at varying levels of interest and motivation.  Different students respond better or worse to particular techniques or tools.  With the proper use of technology, we have a powerful tool for giving different students different kinds of instruction.

With technology, we can customize the speed and approach of teaching for each student.  We can quickly determine each student's particular skillsets and tendencies.  Technology allows us to set a pace for each student, then patiently allow the student to follow at that pace to build mastery of a subject.  Along the way, we can use technology to continually assess whet is working, what is not working, and whether somethign new or different needs to come into the picture.  With technology, we can determine whether a student learns more visually or is more attentive to words, whether a student employs more logic to solve problems, and more.

The key factors to the successful use of technology are bring able to understand what the student is telling us he or she needs, knowing which technology to employ, when and how much to use that technology, and how to read the results along the way.  It is not a simple matter to assess all of these factors.  With technology evolving constantly, we have more resources available to us each year, but that also means we must keep abreast of the changes to make sure we are bringing the best tools into our classrooms and using them well.  The most powerful and well-intentioned technology is not effective if used improperly.  An educational consultant can fully assess a school's range of technology, advise about the best tools for different subjects and classrooms, develop a plan of how to use the tools, and measure the success of these tools in classrooms.

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