Specializing in 2nd-language acquisition — world languages and English to speakers of other languages (ESOL). I help teachers become more effective instructors, and more excited about their subjects, for the benefit of all students in every classroom.
  • For the past four years that I worked under you guidance I learned so much in my career as a teacher. I appreciate your vast knowledge of the process of learning languages from the age of the little sponges of Kindergarten to the independent thinker of a 12th grader. Thank you all you have done to make sure our FLES program is a strong program in the town of Greenwich.
    Kenia Murillo-Raptopoulos, FLES (Spanish) Educator, Greenwich, Connecticut
  • I learned more from Marcia in the nine years I worked with her than in the 27 years I taught before that. I am only the teacher that I am today because of your teaching, guidance, leadership and inspiration. You put faith in me that no one else had and allowed me to grow in ways I never thought I would or could.
    Rita Baker, French/German Teacher, Greenwich Teacher of the Year; Finalist, CT Teacher of the Year
  • You have been an incredible asset to Greenwich Public Schools, an exemplary leader and a wealth of information for all of us. You somehow knew exactly what to do for every issue or problem, always finding the perfect solution. I want you to know what a difference you have made in my life on a professional and personal level.
    Dora Williams, High School Teacher, Greenwich, CT
  • You are not a person who could ever have worked at anything but full throttle. You are one of the few of us who is irreplaceable, not just because of your huge, hard-to-fill responsibilities, but also because of the wisdom, humanity, perspective, enthusiasm, open-mindedness and joy that you bring to our leadership team.
    Brigid Barry, School Administrator, Greenwich, CT
  • You have been a great leader, role model, and mentor. I owe my career to you. Thank you for believing in me and seeing the person I have become from 6 years ago.
    Luz Casado, Middle-School Teacher, Greenwich, CT
  • There is really no language, Italian, Spanish English or any other, in which the words "thank you" would adequately express my gratitude. You have been so truly generous with your knowledge, advice, insight and expertise. It may too often go unspoken, but never, ever unrecognized or unappreciated. I know I am a most lucky student to have known you.
    Anonymous Student 1,
  • Thank you for being the best teacher I ever had, as well as the hardest. You've taught me how to discipline myself, and I know that is an asset for which I will be grateful at college. Thank you for being a truly great teacher and special friend.
    Anonymous Student 2,
  • Where do we begin to thank you for all you have given to our daughter these past four years? The many talents, dynamic teaching, enthusiasm and love for language, not to mention your caring and humorous personality, is what first ignited the spark in our daughter. You have given her a burning love for foreign language. How lucky she is!
    Anonymous Parents 1, Parents of a Student who Became a High School Spanish Teacher
  • There are few people in our world that take a true interest in others, in their growth, development and in helping them overcome obstacles. You show us, on a daily basis, that life is "blurry," that in order to be truly human, the personal and professional cannot be separated. Thank you for the unbelievable amount of support you have given me.
    Anonymous Teacher 1, High School French Teacher
  • All of her decisions and actions are grounded in what is in the best interest of students. She has been a voice for the disenfranchised Hispanic population and has sought to provide resources and strategies necessary for students who have struggled academically and behaviorally to realize success. Her expertise in the area of curriculum, instruction and supervision would be an asset to any district.
    Anonymous Principal 1, High School Principal, Bedford, NY; Superintendent, CT
  • Marcia has become a leader of leaders. She emphasizes that each of her teachers should be at the cutting edge of pedagogical knowledge and that each teacher must be centered on the learning of a child. The teachers within her department respect her as a person who is expert in both the content of foreign language and ESL and the teaching methodology unique to that discipline.
    Anonymous Principal 2, High School Principal, Bedford, NY
  • Marcia is an outstanding educator. Very knowledgeable with respect to curriculum and instruction, relates well to colleagues, students and parents. That rare individual who is able to translate a vision into highly effective programs that benefit students. The ability to develop a team that is high performing, unified and fun loving distinguishes Marcia's organizational and leadership abilities.
    Anonymous Assistant Superintendent 1, Assistant Superintendent, Bedford, NY
  • Marcia developed a vision for K-12 World Language learning community that is clearly articulated and demonstrates awareness of the need for K-12 alignment and scaffolding of skills to meet students' needs and increase opportunities for all children. It is essential to highlight Marcia's knowledge of the roles that curriculum, data and instruction play in actualizing the educational vision.
    Anonymous Assistant Superintendent 2, Assistant Superintendent, CT
  • It is because of the work that Marcia does that our native Spanish speakers get the strong education they receive in Greenwich. Marcia has steadily built up that program to include elementary classes, middle school classes, and a complete sequence of high school classes. To accomplish this, she often had to change people's beliefs, not an easily done task.
    Anonymous Director 1, Director of Curriculum and Professional Learning, CT
  • She supervised over 50 world language teachers including me and worked diligently to shape and maintain a solidly rigorous academic program for students in grades K - 12. She sticks by her motto for educators which is to work wisely and manage your time carefully and not wastefully.
    Adriane Hirsch-Klein, Middle School Teacher, Greenwich, CT
  • Marcia Schenker's in-depth knowledge of the curriculum and of current pedagogical methodology, combined with her personal commitment to excellence, was uniquely effective in developing our AP curriculum. We AP teachers are confident that our students will have a successful year given the solid foundation provided by Mrs. Schenker's expertise.
    Jo-Ann Sbrizzi & Silvana Cipollone, AP Teachers, Greenwich High School
  • Under your leadership, we now have well-designed curriculum units. Your constant focus on interpersonal communication fluency has resulted in higher levels of language proficiency. Thank you for also for your support professionally. I am a better teacher and leader because of you.
    Jill Quattrocchi, FLES Instructional Coach, Greenwich, CT
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